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Contents Introduction: Hope for Labor in a Neoliberal World E. Paul Durrenberger   3 1. Anthropologists, Activists, and the Labor Movement Emma Braden  33 Industry 2. The Gift of Labor: The Town, the Union, and the Corporate State in the Demise of the Swedish Car Industry Staffan Löfving  61 3. Trade Unions, Labor Conflict, and Contested Institutions in the Swiss Construction Industry Christopher Kelley  87 4. Union Power and Transnational Corporations in the Argentine Steel Industry Julia Soul  111 viii Contents 5. Agents of Change or Status Quo? Labor NGOs in South China Darcy Pan  135 6. Labor Struggles in the Shipbuilding Industry of Piraeus Manos Spyridakis  161 7. The Struggle for Labor Rights in the Maquiladoras of Northern Mexico María Eugenia de la O   185 Agriculture 8. Growers, Unions, and Farm Laborers in Mexico’s Baja California Christian Zlolniski  209 9. Policies, Economic Forces, Class Relations, and Unions in Spain’s Strawberry Fields Alicia Reigada  233 Retail and Service 10. Subcontracted Employment and the Labor Movement’s Response in Turkey Alpkan Birelma  261 11. Organized Labor in Contemporary Israeli Retail Chains Gadi Nissim  287 12. National Unions, International Capital, and Bank Workers Steven Payne  311 Conclusion: Is There Hope in the Neoliberal World of Labor? E. Paul Durrenberger   337 Notes on the Authors   353 Index  355 ...


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