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191 Acknowledgments This book has been many years in the making and would never have come to fruition without a great amount of support. Family summer vacations to northern California for eight years in a row set things in motion by opening my eyes to its amazing geographic history. My wife Lori’s constant encouragement over these many years has been crucial. She and our children (Nils, Ethan, Meriah, Kristina, Allen, Larissa, Sally, and Samantha [before our ­ youngest, Joran, was born]) were brave and adventurous enough to move with me for a time to a home in the trees near Pollock Pines, California, while I worked on the book. The College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences and the Department of Geography— ​ Brigham Young University— ​ made it possible for me to take that sabbatical and to continue work on the manuscript since then. Research funds and other support kept the project moving forward. In particular, my college leaders (including Deans David Magleby and Ben Ogles) and department chairs (Professors Richard Jackson, Matthew Shumway, and Ryan Jensen) have been exceptionally supportive and generous. The BYU Office of Research and Creative Activities also funded my work on California’s historical migration modeling. My mother-­ in-law, the late Jean Thomas, whose family-­ history research provided excellent material on the Winkler and Greenwood families, was a consistent boon to my work. She is greatly missed. My own parents Jan Otterstrom , Wendy Powell, and Byron Powell, have also continued to encourage me to bring this work to pass. I am grateful to many others who have added their input to the project including Laurie Weisler (a fantastic editor), Eliza Woolley, BYU ­ Geography’s ThinkSpatial student cartographers, Dr. Leonard Hochberg (who gave input on the book’s formulation), Dr. Brandon Plewe (who helped improve the cartographic quality of the maps), the late Dr. Carville Earle (my dissertation adviser who taught me how to think as a geographic historian), Brian Bunker (whose computer programming was key to chapter 7), Rex J. Rowley, who suggested I submit my manuscript to the University of Nevada Press, many BYU 192 Acknowledgments Geography Department student secretaries, numerous research assistants and map­ makers (including Nicholle Dods, Candice DeBray, Chris Maderia, Briona Derrick, Joel Warren, Logan Holman, Jonathan Brooks, Emily Pomeroy , Mark Boeckel, and Spencer Larson), Jeff Grathwohl, Dana Henricks and Rebecca Lown for excellent copy­ editing and cover design work, respectively, and Antone Pierucci and staff of the Lakeport Historic Courthouse Museum. Finally, Justin Race and Matt Becker of the University of Nevada Press and the anonymous reviewers have made it possible for the book manuscript to actually be published. Many heartfelt thanks are due to each one of you! ...


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