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215 Glossary of Foreign Terms amal hope achsania guesthouse aberou face and honor ‘azl withdrawal baladi traditional bint girl bid’ah innovation in religious matters coitus interruptus withdrawal dokhtare khoob good girl dokhtar virgin; girl dershane private academy fardh required fatwa religious opinion or ruling offered by a qualified Islamic jurist gargeer arugula haram forbidden; sinful halal permissible; allowed imam Muslim cleric; religious leader Intifada uprising jinn spirit khastegar traditional marriage suitor kadin kafalı female-headed lubunya transgender women madhab juridical school within Sunni Islam makhzen ruling establishment (Morocco) marama herbal tea (sage) known for its healing properties materia medica medical materials mitzvah religious duty; moral or kind deed mr’a woman (Moroccan dialect) mustahabb recommended najes polluted najeeb pure nikah’ al-yidd masturbation (literally, marriage of the right hand) pezeshke ghanooni government-appointed legal forensic medical examiners pundekait innkeeper pundak inn shari’a Islamic law 216   Abortion Pills, Test Tube Babies, and Sex Toys Salat al-Istikhara prayer recited for guidance and counsel Salat al-Istighfar prayer recited for forgiveness sareer bed sura chapter in the Qur’an sigheh temporary marriage tarmine pardeye bekarat virginity restoration thiqa confidence or trust umma community of Muslims wannas wooden phalluses Waqfa Misriyya Egyptian stance zane kharab loose woman zan woman; nonvirgin zina illicit sexual relations; adultery ...


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