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xi Acknowledgments This book has been a work in progress for a long, long time. As editors, we are especially grateful to the contributing authors for engaging with these topics —it has been a privilege working with all of you. We are also thankful to the many colleagues and friends who have supported this work, contributing their intellectual insights, humor, and critiques. We would like to give a special shout out to Wayne Chambliss, Laryssa Chomiak, Raywat Deonandan, Greg Downey, Marcia Inhorn, Matteo Legrenzi, Bobby Parks, Chris Patil, Gordon Peake, Eugene Rogan, Cari Sietstra, James Trussell, Tracy Weitz, and the Sydney Writers Anthropology Group (SWAG). We gratefully acknowledge the organizations and funders who supported the editors’ work on this book at various phases, including the Australian Research Council, the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, the Society of Family Planning, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Cambridge Reproductive Health Consultants, Ibis Reproductive Health, Macquarie University, Yale University Department of Anthropology, and the University of Ottawa. Angel’s Endowed Chair in Women’s Health Research is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and we appreciate the general support for her time that made this book possible. Michael Ames at Vanderbilt University Press has been an incredible champion of this project, and we thank him and his team for seeing it to the finish line. We also thank the fabulous interns and research assistants who helped with various phases of this project: Mona El-Mowafi, Ilgin Irmak, and Mac­ kenzie Taylor Shaheen-Akins. Lisa wants to thank David, Saiph, Rigel, Alex, Elijah, Jeff, and Louise. Angel wants to thank Nancy Mancy (yes, you read that right), Emad Mancy, and Pruney Lemmens for their love and encouragement and Eddy Niesten for . . . everything. ...


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