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1. Dust jacket for After Strange Gods, the Page-Barbour Lectures at the University of Virginia in May 1933, published on 22 Feb 1934; © Faber and Faber. 2. Dust jacket for Elizabethan Essays, published in “The Faber Library” series, No. 24, on 4 Oct 1934; © Faber and Faber. 3. Contents of Elizabethan Essays, published on 4 Oct 1934. All of the essays were included in Selected Essays (1932), except “John Marston,” first published in the TLS in July 1934 and published in book form for the first time here and in the second English edition of Selected Essays, also in Oct 1934. It was not published in any American edition. 4. Studio portrait of Eliot, photographed by Man Ray in July 1934, published with Eliot’s lecture “Should There Be a Censorship of Books?” in the New Green Quarterly (Autumn 1935). 5. Dust jacket for Essays Ancient and Modern, published on 5 Mar 1936; © Faber and Faber. “Niccolò Machiavelli” (3.111) and “A Note on Richard Crashaw” (3.379) were also omitted. 6. Contents of Essays Ancient and Modern. The newly collected essays are “The Pensées of Pascal” (1931), “Modern Education and the Classics” (1932), “Catholicism and International Order” (1933), “Religion and Literature” (1935), and “In Memoriam” (1936). 7. Bust of Eliot, by Donald Hastings, 1934; photographed and published with Eliot’s lecture for the Save the Children Fund on 30 Jan 1936. 8. The Rev. E. L. Henderson, Dean of Salisbury, and Eliot in the Cloisters after his lecture on George Herbert to Friends of the Cathedral on 25 May 1938. 9. Eliot delivering the Speech Day address at the Truro School, a Methodist school for boys, Cornwall, on 3 June 1938; the lost photograph appeared in the school magazine, The Truronian, in Dec 1938. 12. Bonamy Dobrée, 1939, photographed by Howard Coster;© National Portrait Gallery, London. 10. Paul Elmer More, photographed by Orren Jack Turner; published in illustration of Eliot’s eulogy “Paul Elmer More” in the Princeton Alumni Weekly of 5 Feb 1937. 11. Sir Herbert Grierson, photographed by E. Drummond Young, Edinburgh, for the frontispiece of Seventeenth Century Studies Presented to Sir Herbert Grierson (1938), including Eliot’s “A Note on Two Odes of Cowley.” 13. Cover of the final issue of The Criterion, Jan 1939. 14. Dust jacket for The Idea of a Christian Society, published on 26 Oct 1939; © Faber and Faber. ...


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