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386 ] The Year’s Poetry The Criterion: A Literary Review, 15 (July 1936) 691 The Editor Writes: Mr. John Lehmann, one of the three editors of The Year’s Poetry (The Bodley Head) has written to point out a misleading comment made by Miss Janet Adam Smith in the April number of The Criterion. Unfortunately the letter has been mislaid, and at the moment of going to press we have been unable to get in touch with Mr. Lehmann.1 His objection, however, was to the following criticism of The Year’s Poetry made by Miss Adam Smith: “the inclusion of a chorus from Murder in the Cathedral would have made it more accurate.”2 Mr. Lehmann points out, what is perfectly correct, that he invited me to allow a chorus from that play to be included, and that I declined on the ground that I was not yet ready to release any part of the play for anthology purposes.3 Miss Adam Smith had no knowledge of these facts, and was therefore justified in her criticism; but I should have taken care to delete it before publication, and I therefore apologize to Mr. Lehmann, his fellow editors, and his publishers. T. S. Eliot Notes 1. TSE wrote to the poet and editor John Lehmann (1907-87) on 7 Apr 1936: “I have your letter of the 4th instant, and wish to express my apologies for my oversight in allowing the sentence mentioned to appear in Miss Janet Smith’s review. It is obvious that I should not have allowed such a sentence to be published. Miss Adam Smith herself of course was not in a position to know the facts. I propose to print your letter with an apology by myself in the next issue of The Criterion.” 2. The writer and editor Janet Adam Smith (1905-99), wife of Michael Roberts, made this comment in an omnibus review, which included The Year’s Poetry 1935: A Representative Selection, compiled by Gerald Gould, Denys Kilham Roberts, John Lehmann (London: John Lane, The Bodley Head, 1935), printed in the Criterion of Apr 1936 (524). 3. TSE wrote to Lehmann on 22 Aug 1935: “I have been thinking over your request for something to print in your anthology this year. I feel that it is too soon to cut up Murder in the Cathedral in that way.” A chorus from Murder in the Cathedral appeared the following year in The Year’s Poetry 1936: A Representative Selection, compiled by Denys Kilham Roberts, John Lehmann (London: John Lane, The Bodley Head, 1936). ...


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