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[ 291 Lord Victor Seymour To the Editor of The Church Times The Church Times (17 Jan 1936) 61 Sir, – We should be grateful if you would allow us to make in your columns the following announcement for the benefit of friends and admirers of the late Rev. Lord Victor Seymour outside of his own parish of St. Stephen’s, Gloucester Road.1 The Parochial Church Council has decided on a memorial, which is to take two forms: an endowment fund and a screen before the Lady-chapel. The church, without an endowment, is in a precarious position, and may be more so in the future; and it is known that Lord Victor himself desired earnestly that such a fund should be raised. Those who knew him personally , wish also that his great services should be commemorated by a visible memorial in the church of which he was vicar for twenty-eight years. It is therefore proposed that a carved Gothic screen should be erected in the arch before the Lady-chapel. The screen would bear an inscription stating the sum of money raised in his memory for the endowment of the living. Donations and promises of payments, either at one date or to be made in instalments during 1936, will be received either by the Churchwardens, St. Stephen’s Church, The Vestry, Gloucester Road, S. W. 7, or by the Manager, The National Provincial Bank Limited, Cromwell, S. W. 7. T. S. Eliot, A. A. West, Churchwardens.2 Notes 1. The Reverend Lord Victor Alexander Seymour (1859-1935) served as vicar of St. Stephen’s Church from 1900 to 1929. 2. Although the letter is cosigned by Captain A. A. West, TSE was the sole author of the letter. On 9 Jan, he sent his vicar, the Reverend Eric Cheetham, Lord Seymour’s successor, “a letter which I have drawn up to send to The Church Times. It is quite indifferent to me whether I sign it alone, or whether I sign it . . . with you and West; and I should be obliged if you would say exactly which you prefer.” When Rev. Cheetham recommended that West be a signatory, TSE wrote to the editor on 10 Jan that “as my fellow churchwarden lives in the country, I have Essays, Reviews, Commentaries, and Public Letters: 1936 292 ] signed for both of us in order to save time.” TSE was elected a warden of St. Stephen’s Church in 1934 and was vicar’s warden at the time of writing. On 4 Mar, TSE wrote to Godfrey Childe: “If your bookseller’s client wants to pay £5.5.0 for four sheets of my manuscript he is welcome to them. In that event, would you please have the cheque made out to the National Provincial Bank Ltd., and crossed Lord Victor Seymour Memorial, and send it to him. If he thinks the price excessive, may I have the sheets back?” ...


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