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278 ] Errata To the Editor of The New English Weekly The New English Weekly, 7 (10 Oct 1935) 440 Sir, – May I ask your permission to inform your readers that the author of Scotland: that Distressed Area is Mr. George Malcolm Thomson, not Mr. George Malcolm Thomas? I should also like to point out, for the benefit of Mr. Heppenstall and others, that Mr. Louis MacNeice spells his name Neice.1 T. S. Eliot Note 1. The anonymous reviewer of Scotland, That Distressed Area (1935) by George Malcolm Thomson misspells his name “George Malcolm Thomas” in the NEW of 3 Oct (417). In his article “Poetry,” the British writer and BBC radio producer Rayner Heppenstall (1911-81) misspells Louis MacNeice’s name “MacNiece” throughout (416-17), as does Herbert E. Palmer in his letter to the editor entitled “Louis MacNiece” (419). ...


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