restricted access A review of The Oxford Handbook of Religious Knowledge
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[ 107 A review of The Oxford Handbook of Religious Knowledge London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1933. Pp. xxix + 303. The Criterion: A Literary Review, 13 (July 1934) 709 This handbook was prepared by a committee, at the request of the Bishop of Oxford, for the use of teachers (of pupils over the age of eleven) in that diocese.1 But the task has been performed so admirably that the book is to be recommended also to parents for private use, for introducing their children to Bible reading and the Prayer Book: indeed, there are few of the laity who would not find it profitable for themselves. T. McG.2 Notes 1. The subtitle reads: “Issued by the Oxford Diocesan Council of Education for students and for teachers of pupils over the age of eleven years.” The English theologian Thomas Banks Strong (1861-1944) was Bishop of Oxford from 1925 to 1937. 2. Signed erroneously with the initials of Thomas MacGreevy (Gallup 229). ...