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[ lv Illustrations Illustrations following page 406 1. Dust jacket for After Strange Gods, 1934 2. Dust jacket for Elizabethan Essays, 1934 3. Contents of Elizabethan Essays 4. Studio portrait of Eliot, 1935 5. Dust jacket for Essays Ancient and Modern, 1936 6. Contents of Essays Ancient and Modern, 1936 7. Bust of Eliot, 1936 8. The Rev. E. L. Henderson and Eliot, Salisbury Cathedral, 1938 9. Eliot delivering the Speech Day Address at Truro School, Cornwall, 1938 10. Paul Elmer More, 1937 11. Herbert Grierson, 1938 12. Bonamy Dobrée, 1939 13. Cover of the final issue of The Criterion, 1939 14. Dust jacket for The Idea of a Christian Society, 1939 This page intentionally left blank ...


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