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[ xlvii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Our greatest debt is to the late Valerie Eliot, for her tireless devotion over many years to collecting, preserving, and ordering her husband’s multiform writings, and for her confidence and trust in commissioning The Complete Prose of T. S. Eliot: The Critical Edition. We are also indebted to her personal assistant, Debbie Whitfield, who has graciously facilitated our access to editorial materials, and to trustees Judith Hooper and Clare Reihill of the Eliot Estate. We are indebted to the late Finn M. W. Caspersen, the late William B. Warren, and the trustees of the Hodson Trust for a substantial grant to Johns Hopkins University Press to support the critical edition of this multivolume project. We prize the vision, technical expertise, and dedication of Kathleen Keane and members of the Press who have made this edition a reality: Andre Barnett, Gregory Britton, Matt McAdam, Julie McCarthy, Martha Sewall, Claire McCabe Tamberino, and the director of Project Muse, Wendy Queen. The Beck Foundation and its Digital Center within the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship provided invaluable financial, technical, and personnel support for the creation of the electronic database of Eliot’s prose writings. We are grateful to Sara Palmer, electronic full text specialist, for her masterful supervision of the markup of this edition, and to graduate students Alyssa Duck and Emily Banks for their diligent roles in the electronic process and in checking cross-references. Alice Hickcox, former electronic supervisor in the Emory Center, who oversaw the construction of the database, trained staff and students, and supervised the encoding of the first four volumes, generously returned from retirement to assist with the electronic preparation of this volume. The editors applaud their skill, dedication, and precision in completing these essential tasks. Dean Robert A. Paul of Emory College and Deans Rick Rubinson and Lisa Tedesco of the Laney Graduate School of Arts and Sciences provided fellowship support for earlier graduate members of Team Eliot: Lori Leavell, Erin Sells, Stewart Varner, Shannon Hipp, Jessie Dunbar, John Davidson, Jae Turner, and Sumita Chakraborty. The SIRE Undergraduate Research Program at Emory provided a succession of fellows who made ACKNOWLEDGMENTS xlviii ] significant contributions to the database and other aspects of the editorial project: Ryan Plocher, Lisa Sweat, Ali Madani, Wesley Pickard, Shalini Ramachandran, Elizabeth Peele, and Mary Fernandez, Fiona O’Carroll, and Anastassia Goidina. Through the University of London’s Institute of English Studies, the Eliot Editorial Project received a substantial three-year grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to support the research of our English editors. The institute, under the former direction of Professor Warwick Gould, emeritus, and now Professor Rick Rylance, has further provided an editorial office and technical support for all members of the editorial team, which has benefited from the assistance of Christopher Adams of the institute staff. The editors are grateful to Stephen Page and Matthew Hollis of Faber & Faber for their support of this critical edition, and to Faber archivist Robert Brown and Eliot estate archivist Nancy Fulford for providing access to and assistance with archival materials. We are thankful for the generosity and cooperation of Archibald Henderson, Eliot’s bibliographer, who has shared with us scores of newly discovered prose items that he has brought to the bibliography through rigorous research. We are especially grateful to our co-editors of preceding and succeeding volumes,JewelSpearsBrooker,EckerdCollege;AnthonyCuda,Universityof NorthCarolina,Greensboro;FrancesDickey,UniversityofMissouri;Jennifer Formichelli, Boston University; Jason Harding, Durham University; and David Chinitz, Loyola University Chicago, for their assistance and advice. We are grateful for the tremendous generosity of our peer reviewers: Julia Daniel, Baylor University; Anthony Cuda, University of North Carolina, Greensboro; Nancy Hargrove, Mississippi State University; Benjamin G. Lockerd, Grand Valley State University; Christopher McVey, Boston University; Patrick Query, United States Military Academy, West Point; and John Whittier-Ferguson, University of Michigan. Other members of the greater editorial project were also helpful: John Haffenden, Institute of English Studies; Jim McCue, Institute of English Studies. The John Carroll University community rallied to the cause of supporting this project. We are grateful to administrators who helped with funding or support: John McBratney, Debra Rosenthal, Tom Pace, Anne Kugler, James Krukones, Martin Connell, SJ, the Grauel Fellowship Committee, and the Committee on Research and Service. The staff of [ xlix ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Grasselli Library at John Carroll University were likewise prodigal in their assistance: Michelle Millet, Nevin Mayer, Tom McIver, Karen Ketchaver, and Charles Zarobila. We are especially indebted to Ellen Kriz, our apprentice editor, for her extraordinary...


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