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Contents Preface and Acknowledgments ix Abbreviationsxiii Note on Transliteration xvii 1 • Introduction: Cases, Concepts, Political Actors, and Interests 1 2 • A Theory of Regime Change and Military Interventions 21 3 •  Greece between 1922 and 1974: From the National Schism to the Collapse of the Junta 53 4 •  Turkey between 1923 and 1983: From the Republic to Military Tutelage 77 5 •  Party-­Voter Relations: Consolidation and Deconsolidation of Democracy in Greece 106 6 •  More of the Same? Turkey under Coalition Governments and One-­Party Dominance 132 7 •  Applying the Theory to Contemporary Cases of Military Rule: Thailand and Egypt 158 8 •  Conclusion: The Key Premises 183 Afterword: The Failed Military Intervention in Turkey on 15 July 2016 195 Appendix: Interviews with Greek and Turkish Elites 201 Notes219 References267 Index297 ...


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