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Acknowledgments A mong those i would liketo thank for reading and commenting on parts or all of this anthology are Professors Lee Congdon, Robert Weissberg, Jeff Taylor, David Brown, David Gordon, Boyd Cathey, and W. B. Newsome, as well as Mr. Duncan Clark. Mention should also be made of the staff of the Elizabethtown College Library, who tracked down hard-­ to-­ find references, and of an Elizabethtown College student, Vincent James McGonigle, who put my text into a technically acceptable form. To Daniel McCarthy and his monthly American Conservative go special thanks for allowing me to republish parts of my essay on Herbert Butterfield and my comparative study of Edmund Burke and Charles Maurras. I am also grateful to Amy Farranto of the Northern Illinois University Press, with whom I discussed this project extensively through correspondence and later through a meeting at Borders on Erie Boulevard in Syracuse, New York. During our Syracuse meeting, Amy seemed so interested in my anthology that she convinced me that I was engaged in a worthwhile enterprise. My wife Mary also kept me focused throughout the grim period when I was laboring on this anthology. To her credit, Mary listened, albeit with growing impatience, to the summaries that burst out of my mouth while I was conceptualizing the longer essays. Finally, I am grateful to my older son, Dr. Joseph D. Gottfried, who may recoil from most of what he finds in this book. Joey may even scold my wayward thinking in a phone conversation that has not yet taken place.Indeed,it is hard to think of any significant historical issue about which the two of us would agree, beyond the acceptance of certain empirically verifiable data about the issues in question. But that disagreement matters less than the fact that my son ably defended positions that I argue against in this book.Would that prominent historians who held his views did the same! Paul E. Gottfried Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania ...


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