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ADJUSTING THE LENS ADJUSTING THE LENS A DJUSTING T HE L ENS EDITED BY Freya Schiwy + Byrt Wammack Weber Schiwy + Wammack Weber COMMUNITY AND COLLABORATIVE VIDEO IN MEXICO COMMUNITY AND COLLABORATIVE VIDEO IN MEXICO Pittsburgh LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES / CULTURAL STUDIES COVER ART: Collage of images from interior COVER DESIGN: Laurence J. Nozik Illuminations: Cultural Formations of the Americas University of Pittsburgh Press ISBN 13: 978-0-8229-6446-9 ISBN 10: 0-8229-6446-5 “A generation ago, media representations of indigenous Mexican communities were made almost entirely by outsiders. Today, these communities commonly produce moving images, made for a variety of audiences and purposes. This pioneering collection examines the diversity of independent media production both within indigenous Mexico and across international borders.” —Jesse Lerner, Pitzer College “Adjusting the Lens expands earlier notions of indigenous and community-focused video production. With an innovative and valuable extension of the concept of diaspora, the contributors link various realms of differently marginalized collective representation and demonstrate how these realms have influenced each other. This work opens new vistas for viewing cultural politics in Mexico and beyond.” —Laurel C. Smith, University of Oklahoma Adjusting the Lens offers a detailed analysis of contemporary, independent, indigenous-language audiovisual production in Mexico and in Mexican migrant communities in the United States. The contributors relate the styles and forms of collaborative and community media production to socially critical, transformative, resistant, and constitutive processes offscreen, thereby exploring the political within the context of the media. FREYA SCHIWY is associate professor of media and cultural studies at the University of California, Riverside. BYRT WAMMACK WEBER is an independent artist and media maker, founding director of the Mexican media arts organization Yoochel Kaaj, and professor of visual arts at the Escuela Superior de Artes de Yucatán. ...


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