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v Introduction by Jana K. Lipman 1 Chapter One My Early Life 31 Chapter Two Coming of Age 38 Chapter Three The Evacuation 48 Chapter Four The Refugee Camp on Orote Point 56 Chapter Five The Repatriates 64 Chapter Six Give Us a Ship 83 Chapter Seven Camp Asan, Guam 90 Chapter Eight The Strug­gle 97 Chapter Nine The Việt Nam Thương Tín 107 Chapter Ten Receiving the Ship 118 Chapter Eleven Leaving Guam 134 Contents vi  Contents Chapter Twelve The Return Voyage 145 Chapter Thirteen Arrival at Vũng Tàu 152 Chapter Fourteen Reeducation Camps 165 Chapter Fifteen Moving from Camp to Camp 182 Chapter Sixteen Winds of Po­ liti­ cal Change 191 Chapter Seventeen The Day I Left Prison 202 Acknowl­edgments 209 Map 1. This map illustrates Trụ’s naval training and his early journeys between Vietnam, Japan, the Philippines, and Guam, and it shows the distance of his final trans-­ Pacific voyage from Guam to Vietnam. Map designed by Bill Nelson. Map 2. This map of Guam illustrates the Viet­ nam­ ese refugee camps on the island in 1975. Map designed by Bill Nelson. Map 3. This map of Vietnam includes both Trụ’s hometown and his postings before 1975, and it also locates the position of the “reeducation camps” where he was interned ­ after 1975. Map designed by Bill Nelson. ...


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