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ADVERTISEMENT TO THE FIRST EDITION. OCULI .MEI DEFECERU�T IN SALUTAHE TUUM. IT is now above eleven years smce the writer of the following pages, in one of the early Numbers of the Tracts for the Times, expressed himself thus :- "Considering the high gifts, and the strong claims of the Church of Rome and her dependencies on our admiration, reverence, love, and gratitude, how could we with>tand her, as we do; bow could we refrain from being melted into tenderness, and rushing into communion with her, but for the words of Truth, which bid us prefer Itself to the whole world? 'He that loveth father or mother more than Me, is not worthy of Me.' How could we learn to be severe, and execute judgment, but for the warning of l\ioses against even a divinely-gifted teacher who �hould preach new gods, and the anathema of St. Paul even against Angels and Apostles who should bring in a new doctrine P " 1 He little thought, when he so wrote, that the time would ever come when he should feel the obstacle, which he spoke of as lying in the way of communion with the Church of Rome, to be destitute of solid foundation. The following work is directed towards its removal. Having, in former publications, called attention to tho 1 Records of the Church, xxiv. p. 7. X ADVERTISEMENT TO THE FIRST EDITION. supposed difficulty, he considers himself bound to avow his present belief that it is imaginary. He has neither the ability to put out of hand a finished composition, nor the wish to make a powerful and moving representation, on the great subject of which he treats. His aim will be answered, if he succeeds in suggesting thoughts, which in God's good time may quietly bear fruit, in the minds of those to whom that subject is new ; and which may carry forward inquirers, who have already put themselves on the course. If at times his t-One appears positive or peremptory, he hopes this will be imputed to the scientific character of the Work, which requires a distinct statement of principles, and of the arguments which recommend them. He hopes too he shall be excused for his frequent quotations from himself; which are necessary in order to show how he stands at present m relation to various of bis former Publications. LITTLEMORE, October 6, 1845. ii • POSTSCRIPT. • Since the above was written, the Author has joined the Catholic Church. It was his intention and wish to have carried his Volume through the Pre1:1s before deciding ADVERTISEMENT TO THE FIRST EDITION. Xl finally on this step. But when he had got some way in the printing, he recognized in himself a conviction of the truth of the conclusion to which the discussion leads, so clear as to supersede further deliberation. Shortly after­ wards circumstances gave him the opportunity of acting upon it, and he felt that he had no warrant for refusing to do so. His first act on his conversion was to offer his Work for revision to the proper authorities ; but the offer was declined on the ground that it was written and partly printed before he was a Catholic, and that it would come before the reader in a more persuasive form, if he read it as the author wrote it. It is scarcely necessary to add that he now submits every part of the book to the judgment of the Church, with whose doctrine, on the subjects of which he treats, he wishes all his thoughts to be coincident. ...


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