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TO THB REv. SAMUEL WILLIAM WAYTE, B.D. PRESIDENT OJ' TRINITY COLLEGE, OXli'ORD. MY DEAR PRESIDENT, NOT from any special interest which I anticipate you will take in this Volume, or any sympathy you will feel in its argument, or intrinsic fitness of any kind m my associating you and your Fellows with it,But , because I have nothing besides it to offer you, in token of my sense of the gracious compliment which you and they have paid me in making me once more a Member of a College dear to me from Undergraduate memories;Also , because of the happy coincidence, that whereas its first publication was contemporaneous with my leaving Oxford, its second becomes, by virtue of your act, contemporaneous with a recovery of my position there:- VI DEDICATION. Therefore it is that, without your leave or your responsibility, I take the bold step of placing your name in the first pages of what, at my age, I must consider the last print or reprint on which I shall ever be engaged. I am, my dear President, Most sincerely yours, JOHN H. NEWMAN. February 23, 1878. ...


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