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Acknowledgments While working on this project I have been blessed to have many colleagues, family and friends help make this book a reality. First and foremost is my wife,Denise.Not only has she been a source of comfort and encouragement but she has—even from our first date—challenged me to be a better scholar. Times beyond count she has marshaled her skills as a voracious reader and an exceptional writer to help me translate my first drafts into intelligible prose. Without her, you might still be waiting to read this book. I also owe a great deal to Peter C. Messer of Mississippi State University, who helped me give shape to the idea that would become this book. Fortunately, he has been offering encouragement and helpful critiques ever since we met, and I cannot thank him enough for this support and friendship. Thanks are also due to Jason K. Phillips, M. Kathryn Barbier, Richard V. Damms, Gideon Mailer, David Harmon, Gretchen Adams, Michael Markus, Mehdi Estakhr , Ann Mezzell, Elizabeth Peifer, Aaron Horton, Brian McNeil, and Brian O’Mahoney for taking time from their own scholarship to read either all or part of the manuscript and to graciously give their advice; the book is all the better for it. I am also indebted to Lee Gatlin, Michael Howell, and Patrick Curles who, perhaps too quickly, agreed to edit the occasional chapter when Denise had had her fill.Thank you; your efforts have not been forgotten. Neither has the continual support and encouragement I received from my parents, Raymond and Lynda Taylor. Any list I might attempt to write would be a grave disservice to how much you have helped.Thank you. I would also like to thank Alabama State University for helping con- tribute funds for my research. I want to acknowledge the kind staff of the Presbyterian Historical Society, the Congregational Library, the University of Kentucky archives, the Mississippi State University Library, and Alabama State University’s Levi Watkins Learning Center for their help in my research. I am also appreciative of the wonderful guidance I have received from the editorial staff of the University of Alabama Press,especially Daniel Waterman, Joanna Jacobs, and the anonymous reviewers. I am also grateful to the University of Alabama Press for allowing me to work with the gifted historian and copyeditor S. Scott Rohrer during this process. Finally, I would like to thank the editors and reviewers of the journals that published early versions of my work and helped me hone my study of these Presbyterians pursuing Christian unity. A portion of the first chapter originally appeared as “‘Let Every Christian Denomination Cheerfully Unite’: The Origins of Presbyterian Interdenominationalism” in the March 2014 issue of the Journal of Religious History, and a selection from the fifth chapter appeared as “Unintended Consequences: Southern Presbyterians and Interdenominationalism in the late Eighteenth Century”in the September 2010 issue of the Journal of Southern Religion. UNITY IN CHRIST AND COUNTRY ...


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