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NOTES ON CITATIONS Unless noted otherwise, all quotations of Old English verse follow George PhilipKrappandElliottVanKirkDobbie,eds.,Anglo-SaxonPoeticRecords, vols. 1–3, New York: Columbia University Press and London: Routledge, 1931–36. The numeration of riddles also follows the ASPR. Exceptions are the following: QuotationsofBeowulf comefromR.D.Fulk,RobertE.Bjork,andJohn D.Niles,eds.,Klaeber’sBeowulfandtheFightatFinnsburg,4thed.,Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2008. I use Swanton’s edition of The Dream of the Rood. Michael Swanton, ed., The Dream of the Rood,3rdrev.ed.,Exeter:UniversityofExeter Press, 1996. The attribution of numbers to individual lyrics in The Advent Lyrics (called Christ I in Krapp and Dobbie, ed.) derives from their treatment in Campbell, ed., The Advent Lyrics of the Exeter Book; Cook, The Christ of Cynewulf: A Poem in Three Parts; Burgert, The Dependence of Part I of Cynewulf’s Christ Upon the Antiphonary; and Burlin, The Old English Advent : A Typological Commentary. This page intentionally left blank ...