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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This book is an homage to the rhetorical sophistication of Old English poetry. Because of their metrical and formulaic consistency, Old English poems can be deceptively simple while doing something very complex: mixing expressions and modes of signification from written, oral, and ritual traditions. The synthesis of these traditions represents an extraordinary development. I am deeply indebted to the late John Miles Foley for his guidance and wisdom. I am also indebted to Emily Thornbury and the anonyomous readers for their incisive and profoundly helpful feedback. Others deserving thanks for their suggestions and support for this book at its various stages include Mark Amodio, Tiffany Beechy, Robert Bjork, Anne Bramley , Martin Camargo, Markus Cruse, Elizabeth Detwiler, Joseph Fruscione , Lori Garner, William H. Green, Joseph Harris, Richard A. Hocks, Ian James, Michelle Karnes, Alice Keefe, Emma Lipton, Dhira Mahoney, Shannon McCarthy, John McKinnell, Britt Mize, Joseph Nagy, Roy Rukkila , Brad Ryner, Catherine Saucier, Robert Sturges, and John Zemke. The support of the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (ACMRS), through the ACMRS Faculty Fellowship, and the Arizona State University Department of English, through Junior Faculty Leave, enabled the writing of this book. An earlier version of chapter 5 appears under the title “Bright Voice of Praise: An Old English Convention,” in Studies in Philology 108 (2011): x · Acknowledgments 299–319, reprinted with permission. An earlier version of chapter 6 was published as “Two Ships Crossing: Hybrid Poetics in The Dream of the Rood” in English Studies 91 (2010): 241–55, reprinted by permission of Taylor and Francis, Ltd. The historiated initial (London, British Library, Arundel 16 f.2) was reproduced with the permission of the © British Library Board. Cover design by Paul Maring. ...