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Acknowledgements Mark Lorenz commented on the manuscript . Iain Campbell and Richard Barnes each joined Keith in the field for a week and also contributed their images . Keith’s parents, wife and son all had their holidays turned into chances to take photos for the book, and their understanding is appreciated . Thanks to the many photographers whose photos appear on these pages, and to the Tropical Birding clients with whom we have had the privilege of sharing the magnificence of Kruger . The team at WILDGuides – Rob and Rachel Still, Andy and Gill Swash, and Rob Hume – thanks so much for helping make sure the content was there, the details accurate and for designing a beautiful book . Robert Kirk at Princeton, thanks for believing in this project . Photographic credits All the images included in this book were taken by the authors, apart from the following: Christian Boix: Pel's Fishing-Owl (p.215). Iain Campbell: Spur-winged Goose on ground (p.32), Ruff (p.51), Curlew Sandpiper (p.51), Pied Kingfisher female (p.52), Black-crownedTchagra (p.133),White-crested Helmet-Shrike (p.137),Village Indigobird female-type (p.162),Wahlberg's Eagle main image (p.186), Blackshouldered Kite hovering (p.200), African Scops-Owl main image (p.210). Roger and Liz Charlwood ( Yellow-billed Egret in flight (p.22), Eurasian Hobby perched (p.194). Greg and Yvonne Dean ( Yellow-billed Egret on ground (p.22), African Finfoot male and female (p.41), Grey-headed Kingfisher (p.95), European Bee-eater (both) (p.96), Southern Masked-Weaver male (p.151), African Dusky Flycatcher (p.174), Mosque Swallow on ground (p.205). Erni (Shutterstock): Little Grebe juvenile (p.33), Common Sandpiper (p.47), Red-backed Shrike male (p.77). Richard Flack: Red-headed Weaver female (p.152). Philip FourIe ( Collared Sunbird male (p.146),White-bellied Sunbird male (p.147). Johann Grobelaar: Greater Honeyguide male (p.111). Lizet Grobelaar: Lesser Honeyguide (p.110), Greater Honeyguide female (p.111), Orange-breasted Bush-Shrike (p.134),White-winged Widow breeding male (p.154), Amur Falcon perched (both) (p.195), Fiery-necked Nightjar (p.208), Square-tailed Nightjar (p.208). Marc Guyt ( Laughing Dove (p.83), Common Scimitarbill (p.103). Hugh Harrop ( Red-backed Shrike female (p.77),WillowWarbler (p.127). Charley Hesse: Red-faced Cisticola (p.56). Chris Krog: Purple-crestedTuraco (title page), Barn Owl (p.13), Brown-hooded Kingfisher (p.95). Broad-billed Roller perched (p.99),Violet-backed Starling male (p.138),Thick-billedWeaver female (p.149), RedcollaredWidow male (p.155). SheauTorng Lim: Southern Boubou (p.176). Leon Marais: Double-banded Sandgrouse (inset) (p.71), Klaas's Cuckoo male (p.90), Bennett'sWoodpecker (both) (p.113), African Goshawk (p.196), Gabar Goshawk dark (p.198). Karel Mauer ( Common Ostrich male (p.58), Hadeda Ibis in flight (p.59). David Monticelli ( Namaqua Dove male (p.83). Dave Montreuil ( davemontreuil): Collared Sunbird female (p.146). Daniele Occhiato ( Grey Heron (p.20), Little Egret in flight (p.22), Lesser Grey Shrike (p.77), Steppe Eagle (pp.178 & 187). Ran Schols ( Amur Falcon (p.195). Hira Punjabi (Alamy Stock Photo): Wire-tailed Swallow (p.206). Benji Schwartz: Grey-headed BushShrike (p.135). Dave Smallshire: African Green-Pigeon perched (p.167). Walter Soestbergen ( Malachite Kingfisher (p.52). Andrew Spencer: Chestnut-backed Sparrowlark male (p.72). Philip Stapelberg: Grey Tit-Flycatcher (p.131). Andy and Gill Swash ( Yellow-billed Stork in flight (p.27), Hamerkop in flight (below) (p.29). African Sacred Ibis on ground (p.29), Little Grebe non-breeding (p.33), Common Moorhen (p.39), African Jacana in flight (p.40),WaterThick-knee on gound (p.42), Blacksmith Lapwing (p.45),Three-banded Plover (p.47),Wood Sandpiper (p.47), Marsh Sandpiper (p.48), Ruff in flight (both) (p.50), Cattle Egret on ground (p.59), Abdim's Stork on ground (p.61), Marabou Stork on ground (p.62),White Stork (both) (p.63), Crowned Lapwing (p.69), African Stonechat (both) (p.75), Red-eyed Dove (p.85), Jacobin Cuckoo (p.88), Diederik Cuckoo female (p.90), European Roller in flight (p.100), European Roller (p.101), Dark-capped Bulbul (p.119),Yellow-billed Oxpecker juvenile (p.142), Red-billed Oxpecker juvenile (p.143), Scarlet-chested Sunbird female (p.145), Lesser Masked-Weaver male (p.150), Red-billed Quelea female (p.153), Red-billed Firefinch male and juvenile (p.157...