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Southern Boubous can be inventive foragers and indulge in some unusual tactics to get a meal – including pulling bark from trees to search for geckos, wedging snails between branches to enable them to tear out the flesh, and even occasionally hawking flying insects. Southern Boubou L: 23 cm (9") A plump dark-backed and dark-eyed bush-shrike with a pale throat, buff underparts and a striking white stripe on the dark wing . The Black-backed Puffback (page 132) is superficially similar but is smaller and has a red eye . In the far north, the Southern Boubou is replaced by the similar Tropical Boubou (not illustrated), which is paler below . It is a common resident in most of Kruger but is shy and skulking, creeping stealthily through thickets, usually with a horizontal posture, hunting invertebrates and small vertebrates . Boubous are usually heard before they are seen, giving loud, distinctively hollow, ringing duets: “wheeet-whee-do-do-do”, single loud “wheee” notes, and a rattling scold like the vibrating of a seed-pod being shaken . Southern Boubou Vultures in flight 176 ...