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Red-billedTeal L: 48 cm (19") This small, pale duck has a distinctive pink-red bill with a dark saddle, a solid chocolate-brown ‘skullcap’, and white cheeks . In flight the buff flight feathers with a black stripe stand out on otherwise all-brown wings . Uncommon in wetlands throughout Kruger; numbers increase in December to March, and during wetter years . Prefers open waterbodies and backwaters where seeds and plant matter form the bulk of its diet . Yellow-billed Duck L: 60 cm (24") A chocolate-brown duck with a vivid yellow bill and white scalloping to the feathers, giving it a scaly appearance, especially on the underparts . In flight it shows a greenish wing panel . The scarce, river-dwelling, African Black Duck is similar, but has plain underparts, a pinkish bill and orange legs . The Yellow-billed Duck is an uncommon resident in Kruger, preferring the southwest between Skukuza and Berg-and-Dal, where it dabbles on freshwater ponds for invertebrates and plant matter . African Black Duck L: 56 cm (22") A chocolate-brown duck with white spots on the back and rump, unmarked underparts, a pale pink-and-black bill and orange legs . In flight it shows a bluish wing panel . The similar Yellow-billed Duck is easily differentiated by its bright yellow bill . African Black Duck is a secretive and scarce resident in Kruger, preferring well-wooded rivers and fast-flowing water, but occasionally visits ponds and dams . Forages mainly at dawn and dusk, when it dabbles for invertebrates and plant matter . Typical ducks red-billed teal yellow-billed duck 36 BIRDS OF RIVERS AND WETLANDS african black duck yellow-billed duck red-billed teal 37 ...