restricted access Map showing the distribution of habitats in Kruger National Park
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MOZAMBIQUE MOZAMBIQUE ZIMBABWE ZIMBABWE SOUTH SOUTH AFRICA AFRICA 15 km 10 5 0 N KEY Wooded savanna on shale Mopane-dominated woodland on mixed soils Open savanna grassland with stunted Mopane Mopane-dominated woodland on granite Lebombo – low, arid rhyolite hills Mixed woodland with sweet grazing Olifants rugged veld Mixed thorn and marula woodlands on granite Open savanna grassland on basalt Pretoriuskop sourveld Malelane mountain bushveld Sandveld – predominantly sandy Mixed woodland and thorn thickets Distribution of habitats in Kruger National Park Kruger’s vegetation is complex, but can be broken down into 13 major biomes, each of which is colour-coded on this map.Broadly speaking, the open plains habitats are mostly in the southeast, riverine forest occurs along major drainages and thornveld, and open woodland cover the remainder of the park. 14 ...