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Kruger has two distinct seasons: a hot and wet rainy period from October to March, and a cool and dry period from April to September . But both seasons are good for birding, offering a different suite of species . The best time to visit for mammals is generally between April and September . At this time, many birds, like the mammals, are easy to locate around permanent water sources such as waterholes and rivers . The weather also tends to be sunny, humidity is low, temperatures are lower, and there is a reduced risk of contracting malaria . It is worth checking exactly when the mid-year South African school holiday break falls, as if you are planning a visit at that time you will need to book well in advance . By October and November, the rains will have begun and the bush started to thicken . The number and variety of breeding birds peak during this period, and this is considered to be one of the best times to visit for birding . From December to March the temperature and humidity increase dramatically, and summer school holidays in December and January make for an extremely crowded park . This is, however, one of the best times for birds (especially migrants), and green backgrounds and the abundance of waterbirds provide excellent photographic opportunities, so the pros and cons need to be balanced . After the wet season rains, many birds are attracted to temporary pools and flooded grassland . The seasons and timing your visit 8 ...