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ix Acknowledgments xi Introduction  1 part i • Susan Glaspell’s Drama of Denunciation one “A Jury of One’s Peers”: Unjust Justice 25 two “The Angel in the House”: Patriarchy, Traditions, and Female Alienation 47 three “A Just War”: The Disintegration of American Values 69 part ii • Susan Glaspell’s Drama of Resistance four The Idealist Rebels: Fighting in the Name of the Community 97 five The Individualist Rebels: Standing Up on the Margins of the Community 126 six “The Madwoman in the Tower”: Rebelling against the Community 142 c o n t e n t s • x Contents part iii • Susan Glaspell’s Drama of Hope seven Sharing and Bonding: Sisterhood 169 eight “Feeling Something Together as Never Before”: National Solidarity 188 nine The Paradox of Self-Sacrifice: Self-Sacrifice as Self-Empowerment 203 Conclusion 229 Notes 233 Works Cited 237 Index 253 ...