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Contents Introduction: The Interplay of Embodiment, Enaction, and Culture 1 Christian Tewes, Christoph Durt, and Thomas Fuchs I Phenomenological and Enactive Accounts of the Constitution of Culture 23 1 Intercorporeality and Intersubjectivity: A Phenomenological Exploration of Embodiment 25 Dermot Moran 2 We Are, Therefore I Am—I Am, Therefore We Are: The Third in Sartre’s Social Ontology 47 Nicolas de Warren 3 Consciousness, Culture, and Significance 65 Christoph Durt 4 Neither Individualistic nor Interactionist 87 Ezequiel Di Paolo and Hanne De Jaegher 5 Continuity Skepticism in Doubt: A Radically Enactive Take 107 Daniel D. Hutto and Glenda Satne II Intersubjectivity, Selfhood, and Persons 129 6 The Primacy of the “We”? 131 Ingar Brinck, Vasudevi Reddy, and Dan Zahavi 7 Selfhood, Schizophrenia, and the Interpersonal Regulation of Experience 149 Matthew Ratcliffe viii Contents 8 The Touched Self: Psychological and Philosophical Perspectives on Proximal Intersubjectivity and the Self 173 Anna Ciaunica and Aikaterini Fotopoulou 9 Thin, Thinner, Thinnest: Defining the Minimal Self 193 Dan Zahavi 10 The Emergence of Persons 201 Mark H. Bickhard III Cultural Affordances and Social Understanding 215 11 The Significance and Meaning of Others 217 Shaun Gallagher 12 Feeling Ashamed of Myself Because of You 229 Alba Montes Sánchez and Alessandro Salice 13 The Extent of Our Abilities: The Presence, Salience, and Sociality of Affordances 245 John Z. Elias 14 The Role of Affordances in Pretend Play 257 Zuzanna Rucińska 15 Ornamental Feathers without Mentalism: A Radical Enactive View on Neanderthal Body Adornment 279 Duilio Garofoli IV Embodiment and Its Cultural Significance 307 16 Neoteny and Social Cognition: A Neuroscientific Perspective on Embodiment 309 Vittorio Gallese 17 Collective Body Memories 333 Thomas Fuchs 18 Movies and the Mind: On Our Filmic Body 353 Joerg Fingerhut and Katrin Heimann 19 Painful Bodies at Work: Stress and Culture? 379 Peter Henningsen and Heribert Sattel 20 Embodiment and Enactment in Cultural Psychiatry 397 Laurence J. Kirmayer and Maxwell J. D. Ramstead Contributors 423 Index 425 ...