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Contents acknowledgments / ix Dirt, Undress, and Difference: An Introduction Adeline Masquelier / 1 1. The Naked and the Nude: Historically Multiple Meanings of Oto (Undress) in Southeastern Nigeria Misty L. Bastian / 34 2. Breasts, (Un)Dress, and Modernist Desires in the Balinese-Tourist Encounter Margaret Wiener / 61 3. Body Talk: Revelations of Self and Body in Contemporary Strip Clubs Katherine Frank / 96 4. The Naked Spirit: Disrobing, Deviance, and Dissent in Bori Possession Adeline Masquelier / 122 5. Japanese Bodies and Western Ways of Seeing in the Late Nineteenth Century Satsuki Kawano / 149 6. Purity and Conquest in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan Janice Boddy / 168 7. Did You Bathe This Morning? Baths and Morality in Botswana Deborah Durham / 190 8. The Politics of Dirt and Gender: Body Techniques in Bengali India Sarah Lamb / 213 9. Corrupted Alterities: Body Politics in the Time of the Iranian Diaspora Janet Bauer / 233 list of contributors / 255 index / 257 ...


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