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vii tables 3.1. Future plans of Swedish MPs 31 3.2. Proportion of MPs who indicate ambition to move from the parliament to a higher-status institution 31 3.3. Proportion of MPs who indicate interest only in a career in the parliament 32 3.4. Comparison of MPs who want to remain in politics for the next term in office and MPs who want to remain in politics for ten more years 34 3.5. Comparison of experienced and first-term MPs with respect to their future plans 35 4.1. MPs’ potential career ambitions and socioeconomic status 43 4.2. Proportion of potentially ambitious MPs and their socioeconomic resources 46 4.3. Comparison of MPs’ recruitment to board positions in the party organization 49 4.4. Proportion of potential career politicians in the Stockholm area and the rest of the country 50 4.5. Proportion of potentially ambitious MPs by party 51 4.6. Relationship of background factors to potential career ambition 53 5.1. MPs’ estimations of which principles of representation are very important to them personally 62 5.2. MPs report their agreement with Burke’s principles of representation 65 5.3. MPs’ interest in international issues 66 5.4. MPs’ attitudes toward party norms 68 5.5. Proportion of MPs who would like to strengthen party discipline 69 5.6. Proportion of MPs who speak at party group meetings 70 5.7. MPs’ voting behavior in the parliament 71 5.8. Do potentially ambitious MPs play an inside game? 73 5.9. Do ambitious MPs consider the party leadership when they make decisions? 75 viii tables 5.10. MPs who think gender quotas for executive positions in state and municipal organizations are a very bad idea 77 5.11. MPs’ estimation of the power and influence of the current political system 78 5.12. MPs’ estimation of the status of various political positions 79 6.1. MPs’ swiftness to the parliament with regard to age and years of party membership 86 6.2. MPs’ most preferred committees 88 6.3. MPs’ capacity to attain seats on their preferred committees 89 6.4. Proportion of MPs still in the parliament after ten years 92 6.5. Reasons the MPs are no longer in the parliament for the 2006–2010 term 94 6.6. Average scores in 1994 among MPs who left the parliament voluntarily 95 6.7. MPs’ career status in 1994 96 6.8 MPs’ career score in 2006 98 7.1. Proportion of ambitious MPs in the European parliaments 103 7.2. Variation in the proportion of ambitious MPs depending upon the definition 104 7.3. Effects of three factors on MPs’ career ambitions 108 ...


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