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Me at age two-Vienna, 1926. Maier Riegler, the Austrian prison warden: the grandfather who died before I was born. Reb Shimon Bike!, my sometimes irascible paternal grandfather, circa 1927. Three generations: my grandmother, mother, and l. Mother and I in Vienna, about 1929. At the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 1947, as Mr. Hardcastle in She Stoops to Conquer. One of my earliest professional roles, in Goldoni's Sefl!ant of Two Masters, Tel Aviv, 1944. Same period, oJEtage. Reb Dovid Shapiro in Shalom Aleichem's It's Hard to Be aJew, Embassy Theatre Swiss Cottage, London, 1949. In London's West End, as Colonel Ikonenko in Peter Ustinov's 'l71e Love ,:fFour Colonels, one ofmy first major roles. A famous scene from The African Queen, when Uogart and Hepburn are about to be executed by hanging. I am on the left, and Peter Bull, playing the ship's captain , is on the right. In the J. Arthur R.ank film The Little Kidnappers, I play the Dutch doctor, Willem Bloem. Sarne film; I am opposite Adrienne Corri, one of the few times I was permitted to be the love interest in a film. In what was to be the first of many supporting film roles, I played the first officer ofa World War I German gunboat in The African Q11een. Here, during a break in shooting, I am doing a bit of entertaining for John Huston, Humphrey Bogart (at right) and Katharine Hepburn (seated in the foreground with her back to the camera). In a scene from Desperate Moment, f hold a gun on Dirk l3ogarde, an escaped convict. With Clark Gable and Richard Hayden (far right), I hold a gun on myselfin a game of Russian roulette in the MGM film Never Let Me Go. A studio publicity shot from 1952. 1955. In my first U.S. stage role, I play Inspector Massoubre in 'fimight in Samarkand, starring Louis Jourdan. O ne of my earliest television roles, playing Julius Caesar on the Westing/1ouse Summer Theater. My n:cording career had bt>gun in earnest in l 9S6; here I am with conductor-composer Dov Seltzer. As Robert de Baudricourt opposite Julie Harris\Joan ofArc in the Broadway play The Llrk in 1956. I am the strong yet benign Southern sheriffin The Defiant Ones. Unlikely casting, perhaps, but it got me an Academy Award nomination. As a stateless person stuck on a freighter and never permitted to leave the ship, in the U.N.-sponsored film J;jl/w Has Seen the Wind during the early sixties. As Captain Von Trapp opposite Mary Martin in The Sound ofMusic on Broadway. As Zolcan Karparhy. rhe "hairy hound from Budapest," in the film version of A1y Fair Lady. 1960. On the campaign trail in New York's garment district with presidential candidate SenatorJohn E Kennedy and the celebrated New York labor leader David Potofsky (right). With Vice President Hubert Humphrey during the early years of LBJ's administration; later things soured at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. With senatorial candidate Bobby Kennedy during his New York campaign. In Athens, interviewing the exiled Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus for my radio program, Thcodmc Bike/ at H,1111c. At this time I was on location shooting The A11gry Hills. New York, 1963. Studying a page ofTalmud with my father; my mother is proudly looking on. at the Hollywood Bowl after a concert rehearsal: Bike! doing a "Pied Piper." BAN 'BOMB TESTS As the hapless and lost Russi,111 submarim· captain 111 The Russians Arc C11111i11Jt, '/ he Russians Arc Coming Campaigning for SANE in Nudey, New Jersey, in the mid-sixties. The best-and worst-was yet to come. In the Namibian deserr, playing opposite a nameless giant lizard during the filming of Sands ofthe Kalahari. As a Scottish gravedigger in l Bury the Living, who must kill to bring order to his cemetery. E1H' lll)' Be/0111. Here we are singing a song with skipper CurtJurgens and the other officers in order to bolster morale during a depth-charge attack by an American destroyer. In Fox's Fraulein as a drunken, amorous Russian military officer wooing the beautiful Dana Wynter. the first officer of the German U-boat. In the musical Pousse Ca.f<', based on The Blue Angel, one of two Broadway disasters with "cafc" in the title, l am the university professor besotted by the charms of a chanteuse. The singer is played by Lilo. In Paramount\ l'vly Side o(the Mountain, playmg an itinerant folklorist. In Jacques Brei ls Ali11c and Well and LiPing i11 Paris, its first production in the round. I am seen here with Chita Rivera (front), Gil Price, andjudy Gibson. Backstage at Fiddler T h , . rny parents co and Shalom Aleichem-for them i~ was a c.lream come true.·' ,'vfy Fair Lady again, this time live on stage and playing Eliza's father, Alfred P. Doolittle. Kissinger in ABC's The Final Days, based on Woodward book. As one of the early Southern California pioneers in Harris Newmark's Los An,~cles. My performance in this PBS program won me an Emmy in 1988. As the notorious "Mack the Knife," m Brecht and Weill's "Jhrcepenny Opera at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, 1983. With Gregory Peck, Julia Roberts, and SAG board member Paul Hecht at a ceremony honoring Audrey Hepburn, already too ill to attend in person. My mother, age 93, Tel Aviv, 1991. With American troops stationed in a Patriot missile silo, under alert "somewhere in Israel," 1991. Los Angeles, 1993. Renewing an old friendship with Harry Belafonte. 1993. Backstage with poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko in Nev,; York. Before he read his poem "Babi Yar" in Russian and I read it in English, his advice to me was: "Don't be modest." ...


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