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Contents foreword Michel Despland / xi preface / xix list of abbreviations / xxv Editors’ Introduction / 1 PART 1. PHILOSOPHICAL FOUNDATIONS FOR KANTIAN THEOLOGY 1. The Tree of Melancholy: Kant on Philosophy and Enthusiasm Gregory R. Johnson / 43 2. Kant on the Rational Instability of Atheism John E. Hare / 62 3. Overcoming Deism: Hope Incarnate in Kant’s Rational Religion Christopher McCammon / 79 4. The Anatomy of Truth: Literary Modes as a Kantian Model for Understanding the Openness of Knowledge and Morality to Faith Gene Fendt / 90 PART 2. THEOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS FOR KANTIAN RELIGION 5. Reading Kant through Theological Spectacles Philip J. Rossi / 107 6. Kant’s Prototypical Theology: Transcendental Incarnation as a Rational Foundation for God-Talk Nathan Jacobs / 124 7. Making Sense Out of Tradition: Theology and Conflict in Kant’s Philosophy of Religion Chris L. Firestone / 141 8. Kant and Kierkegaard on the Need for a Historical Faith: An Imaginary Dialogue Ronald M. Green / 157 Contents x PART 3. RELIGIOUS INSTANTIATIONS OF KANTIAN PHILOSOPHY 9. Kant and ‘‘A Theodicy of Protest’’ Elizabeth C. Galbraith / 179 10. A Kantian Model for Religions of Deliverance Charles F. Kielkopf / 190 11. Kant’s Approach to Religion Compared with Quakerism Leslie Stevenson / 210 12. Philosophers in the Public Square: A Religious Resolution of Kant’s Conflict Stephen R. Palmquist with an appendix coauthored by Richard W. Mapplebeckpalmer / 230 contributors / 255 index / 257 ...


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