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Appendix: Praying the Lord’s Prayer Early Christians often used the Lord’s Prayer as template for prayer. This is a modernized adaptation that can be used in groups or individually. Our Father in heaven • Thank God that we have been made his sons and daughters through Jesus. • Declare the fatherhood of God over our lives. • Praise him as the one and only true God. Let your name be honored as holy • Pray that our own lives may be honoring to God. • Pray that God would show his power, so that the nations may honor him. Let your kingdom come • Pray for everything that a righteous king establishes: peace between peoples and nations, justice, provision and care for the poor, freedom for the captives, physical healing and restoration, the end of corruption, exploitation, trafficking, and the like. • Pray that by the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, God’s kingship may be revealed on earth. 207 Let your will be done • Release to God your plans and desires, committing yourself to his will above your own. • Pray for God to move in such a way that his desires and dreams may be fulfilled in our lives. • Pray for the transformation of hearts, so that the peoples of the earth would choose to do his will. On earth as it is in heaven • Pray that heaven would come to earth. Give us today the portion of bread we need for this day • Pray for our material needs. • Ask God to show us what we can share with others. Forgive us our sins • Confess to God any sins that need to be brought before him. As we forgive those who have sinned against us • By name, release before the Lord everyone who has sinned against you. Do not lead us into testing • Pray that what is in our hearts would be made open before God. • Pray that God would preserve us from falling during times of testing. Deliver us from evil • Pray that God would give us victory over the power of sin and Satan. ON EARTH AS IN HEAVEN 208 The kingdom and the power and the glory are yours forever and ever • Close your prayer in a time of worship. APPENDIX: PRAYING THE LORD’S PRAYER 209 ...


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