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ix Editorial Foreword More than a decade after its original publication, Claude Panaccio’s book is more actual than ever. This claim is amply justified by the reasons carefully listed by the author in the new Postscript to the English translation—namely, recent developments both in the historiography of and theoretical reflection on the idea of a mental language. Indeed, most of the results of these new developments have been published in English, while until now there has been no comparable study available in English providing a systematic survey of the historical evolution of the idea. It is therefore with great pleasure that I present the long overdue and updated translation of a real “gap-filler” in the English literature on the subject. Gyula Klima Series editor F6925.indb ix F6925.indb ix 10/24/16 12:52:18 PM 10/24/16 12:52:18 PM F6925.indb x F6925.indb x 10/24/16 12:52:18 PM 10/24/16 12:52:18 PM This page intentionally left blank ...