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v Contents Series Editors’ Preface ix Jennifer Jensen Wallach and Michael Wise Acknowledgments xi Introduction 3 Silvia Bottinelli and Margherita d’Ayala Valva part I: Taste of Art: Methodologies and Critical Approaches Chapter 1 Can Cuisine Be Art?: A Philosophical (and Heterodox) Proposal 23 Nicola Perullo Chapter 2 Time Changes Everything: Futurist/ Modernist Cooking 45 Carol Helstosky Chapter 3 From Stove to Screen: Food Porn, Professional Chefs, and the Construction of Masculinity in Films 61 Fabio Parasecoli Chapter 4 Spoerri Reads Rumohr: The Spirit of Culinary Art Revisited 77 Margherita d’Ayala Valva part II: Food Art: Multisensoriality and Experience Chapter 5 Food, Decay, and Disgust: Paul McCarthy’s Bossy Burger as Contemporary Still Life 93 Anja Foerschner Chapter 6 In & On: Herbs, Fish, and Janine Antoni’s Touch 107 Silvia Bottinelli vi contents Chapter 7 Luciano Fabro: Bitter Sweets for Nadezhda Mandelstam 121 Sharon Hecker part III: The Kitchen: Intersections between the Private and Public Spheres Chapter 8 Feminist Art: Kitchen Testimony 143 Jody B. Cutler Chapter 9 Es Geht Um Die Wurst: On Peter Fischli and David Weiss’s Sausage Photographs 159 Edward A. Vazquez Chapter 10 Elżbieta Jabłońska’s Kitchen Interventions: Food,Art, and the Maternal Identity 173 Barbara Kutis part IV: Eating Out: Food Art in the Public Sphere Chapter 11 Artists and Friends: Daniel Spoerri’s Eat Art Gallery 191 Cecilia Novero Chapter 12 Express Yourself: Al’s Café in Context 211 Rachel Federman Chapter 13 Ways of Eating: Tradition, Innovation, and the Production of Community in Food-Based Art 225 Laurie Beth Clark and Michael Peterson contents vii part V: Not for Art’s Sake: Ethics, Ecology, and Sustainability Chapter 14 Joseph Beuys: Gastrosophical Aesthetics 247 Harald Lemke Chapter 15 Provisional Objects: Alison Knowles’s Bean Rolls 263 Nicole L. Woods Chapter 16 Cooking and Eating across Species: Natalie Jeremijenko’s Cross(x)Species Adventure Club 279 Lindsay Kelley Contributors 293 Notes 301 Index 351 ...