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Copyright © 2010 The University of Alabama Press Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487-­ 0380 All rights reserved Manufactured in the United States of America Typeface: Baskerville ∞ The paper on which this book is printed meets the minimum requirements of American National Standard for Information Sciences—­ Permanence of Paper for Printed Library Materials, ANSI Z39.48-­ 1984. Cover photo: The Return of Private Davis from the Argonne (1928–1940) by John Steuart Curry. Oil on canvas, 38 x 52 inc. Courtesy of the ­ Westervelt-Warner Museum of American Art. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Trout, Steven, 1963– On the battlefield of memory : the First World War and American remembrance , 1919–1941 / Steven Trout.    p. cm.  Includes bibliographical references and index.  ISBN 978-0-8173-1705-8 (cloth : alk. paper) — ISBN 978-0-8173-8349-7 (electronic) 1. World War, 1914–1918—Social aspects—United States. 2. Collective memory—United States. 3. Memory—Social aspects—United States. 4. World War, 1914–1918—Influence. I. Title. D524.7.U6T78 2010 940.3'1—dc22 2010003555 To Conrad Trout, teacher and bookman Contents List of Illustrations ix Acknowledgments xi Prologue: “Guide-­ Book Ike” xv Introduction: Memory, History, and America’s First World War 1 1. Custodians of Memory: The Ameri­ can Legion and Interwar Culture 42 2. Soldiers Well-Known and Unknown: Monuments to the Ameri­ can Doughboy, 1920–1941 107 3. Painters of Memory: Harvey Dunn, Horace Pippin, and John Steuart Curry 157 4. Memory’s End?: Quentin Roosevelt, World War II, and America’s Last Doughboy 222 Notes 253 Bibliography 277 Index 291 ...


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