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v contents Introduction. The Claim of Art: Aesthetic Philosophy and Early Modern Artistry paul a. kottman 1 1. Allegory, Poetic Theology, and Enlightenment Aesthetics victoria kahn 31 2. Object Lessons: Reification and Renaissance Epitaphic Poetry rachel eisendrath 55 3. How Do We Recognize Metaphysical Poetry? andrew cutrofello 77 4. Literature, Prejudice, Historicity: The Philosophical Importance of Herder’s Shakespeare Studies kristin gjesdal 91 5. Reaching Conclusions: Art and Philosophy in Hegel and Shakespeare paul a. kottman 116 6. “All Art Constantly Aspires to the Condition of Music” —Except the Art of Music: Reviewing the Contest of the Sister Arts lydia goehr 140 7. The Beauty of Architecture at the End of the Seventeenth Century in Paris, Greece, and Rome maarten delbeke 170 8. Strokes of Wit: Theorizing Beauty in Baroque Italy jon r. snyder 194 9. Goya: Secularization and the Aesthetics of Belief anthony j. cascardi 227 vi Contents 10. Remembering Isaac: On the Impossibility and Immorality of Faith j. m. bernstein 257 List of Contributors 289 Index 293 ...