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Acknowledgments Iowe a great deal of gratitude to many people who helped and encouraged me through the years while this study was in progress. Many thanks go to G.R.Thompson,who believed in this project from the start and who aided meininnumerablewaysthroughhisencouragementandinsightfulcriticism. Without his support this project would not have been possible. Special thanks also go to Robert Paul Lamb for the countless hours he spent thoroughly critiquing the first draft of this manuscript, and to Wendy Stallard Flory,who not only read and critiqued an early draft of the manuscript but also was instrumental in helping to move an early version of this project toward a denouement. My good friend Steve Frye of California State University at Bakersfield was a constant source of help and encouragement,and his commentary and critical insights, not to mention the long hours he invested listening to me work out the arguments of this book, proved invaluable. There are no better scholarly collaborators than Steve Frye. Thanks also go to Christine Harvey of U.C. Santa Barbara; her work on American literary naturalism andherhelpfulcommentaryonthismanuscriptweresourcesofinspiration. My ongoing discussions with Christine about American literary naturalism have helped sharpen some of the material in this text, and for that I am in her debt. Finally, my thanks to Donald Viney of Pittsburg State University for his very helpful suggestions regarding chapter 4 of this study. I would also like to thank Hugh Shott, Elsa Ann Gaines, Lennet Daigle, Thomas Austenfeld,and my colleagues in the Department of Language and Literature at North Georgia College and State University, who supported this project in many ways.The librarians and staff of the Stewart Library at NGCSU were helpful at every turn,and their willingness to help me locate xx Acknowledgments even the most obscure sources is much appreciated. Additional thanks go to the editorial board of the University of Alabama Press, and to Jill R. Hughes, whose skillful editorial assistance is much appreciated. Finally,Iwouldliketothankmywife,Laura,whospentmanytirelesshours proofreading this manuscript and helping me prepare it for the press; my children,Sarah,Nathaniel,andNatalie;andmymother,MarilynLink.Their support and encouragement were (and remain) of incalculable value. ...


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