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the iowa whitman series Conserving Walt Whitman’s Fame: Selections from Horace Traubel’s “Conservator,” 1890–1919, edited by Gary Schmidgall Democratic Vistas: The Original Edition in Facsimile, by Walt Whitman, edited by Ed Folsom Intimate with Walt: Selections from Whitman’s Conversations with Horace Traubel, 1888–1892, edited by Gary Schmidgall Leaves of Grass, 1860: The 150th Anniversary Edition, by Walt Whitman, edited by Jason Stacy A Place for Humility: Whitman, Dickinson, and the Natural World, by Christine Gerhardt The Pragmatic Whitman: Reimagining American Democracy, by Stephen John Mack Song of Myself: With a Complete Commentary, by Walt Whitman and introduction and commentary by Ed Folsom and Christopher Merrill Supplement to “Walt Whitman: A Descriptive Bibliography,” by Joel Myerson Transatlantic Connections: Whitman U.S., Whitman U.K., by M. Wynn Thomas Visiting Walt: Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of Walt Whitman, edited by Sheila Coghill and Thom Tammaro Walt Whitman and the Class Struggle, by Andrew Lawson Walt Whitman and the Earth: A Study in Ecopoetics, by M. Jimmie Killingsworth Walt Whitman: The Correspondence, Volume VII, edited by Ted Genoways Walt Whitman, Where the Future Becomes Present, edited by David Haven Blake and Michael Robertson Walt Whitman’s Reconstruction: Poetry and Publishing between Memory and History, by Martin T. Buinicki Walt Whitman’s Selected Journalism, edited by Douglas A. Noverr and Jason Stacy Walt Whitman’s Songs of Male Intimacy and Love: “Live Oak, with Moss” and “Calamus,” edited by Betsy Erkkila Whitman among the Bohemians, edited by Joanna Levin and Edward Whitley Whitman East and West: New Contexts for Reading Walt Whitman, edited by Ed Folsom Whitman Noir: Black America and the Good Gray Poet, edited by Ivy G. Wilson Whitman’s Drift: Imagining Literary Distribution, by Matt Cohen ...


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