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vii Series Editors’ Preface With the successful relaunch of the Companions to Scottish Literature series as the International Companions, under the aegis of the Association for Scottish Literary Studies, the series editors have decided to move from the former policy of publishing in annual tranches of two or three volumes to one of issuing volumes as and when they are ready. It is expected that this will still result in the publication of two or three volumes each year, but will offer more flexibility in terms of publication dates to allow for any unavoidable delays to individual volumes which might hold up the release of an annual tranche. The publication of the first volumes under the aegis of the ASLS – on Lewis Grassic Gibbon, Edwin Morgan, and Scottish Poetry – has been well received and a number of volumes are now at various stages of preparation for future publication. The editors will continue their policy of publishing three kinds of volume: period, themed, and author volumes. This author volume on James Macpherson and the poems of Ossian has been developed under the meticulous editorship of Professor Dafydd Moore. It reflects a growing understanding of the Ossian phenomenon and sets it in the context of Macpherson’s other work in a refreshing and insightful way. It is a timely and welcome addition to the International Companions to Scottish Literature series. Ian Brown Thomas Owen Clancy THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK ...