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v acknowledgments without the tireless efforts of Stefan Schöberlein, Stephanie Blalock, Ed Folsom, Karen Copp, Susan Hill Newton, Allison Means, Holly Carver, Sara Sauers, and Jim McCoy—all of the University of Iowa—this book would not be half so handsome as it is, nor anywhere as accurate . Furthermore, without the backing of the University of Houston English Department, in particular the unhesitating support of longtime chair Wyman Herendeen, Jack Engle might have lain indefinitely in the Library of Congress. The latter institution deserves special thanks as well, for its repository of Whitman manuscripts and ephemera and for the assistance of senior information and reference specialist Chamisa Redmond, a kind and unerringly helpful advocate in the archive. My gratitude also goes out to Erin C. Singer, Lesli Vollrath, Jason Berger, Michael Snediker, Karen Karbiener, Jerome Loving, Jason Stacy, and Doug Noverr, all of whom provided excited counsel and proved just how well they can keep a secret. vi To my wonderful wife, Markie McBrayer, who helped me every step of the way, I owe no less than a puppy. Finally, this book is dedicated to our sons, John and Henry—a new generation of readers. ...


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