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III. ANNOTATED TRANSLATION OF LE DENOMBREMENT DE TOUS LES POSTES DU CANADA I I must satisfY you, then, my dear sur La ville [Surlaville],1 and give NAC 2SY5 you as you wish the enumeration of all the posts of Canada, the places 135r where they are located, those where the king keeps garrisons which are the keys to the country, those that are trading posts, the present upkeep of the garrisons, the posts, the commanders of these various posts, what can be done better than what is being done in them up to now to hold on to the various Indian nations and to deprive them of the opportunity to go to the English. Do not expect a polished report with each word weighed as if it were to be placed under the eyes of a minister, but you can count on the truth such as it is without disguise, without dissimulation, without bias and, even more, without respect for the individual. There are many things in it that I would have to suppress if I had the honor of speaking to the minister.2 You asked me for the truth; I am telling it to you as a gentleman, as a Christian. That is why I am allowing you to submit this report, which I am only doing for you, to the scrutiny of all those who know Canada as completely as I have had good reason to know it during the past 32 years during which I have had the honor of serving His Majesty there. The various commands that the generals have entrusted to me as you have seen from their orders with which they provided me, that is what has given me NAC 2H96 a general knowledge of this country, and of the Indians, and of the general background for everything that involves or concerns the service and the country. 135v Enumeration of the posts in the extent of the general governance of Canada where the officers of the troops go in command, provided with orders from the generals who select them. 49 50 On The Eve ifthe Conquest ,~ ...,/ riA'l 1. /1(aut dOllr 1'('Il.! (f'r'J./fll ,.... If (/1// rllll'/~f ')'''11111'1' rr/II//I' I "'II~' ;;/QI,//ILU,'12f' (,.~fIlIIIIlP'''''(''1 If/llIJ IrJ 'I'.III'J1 1// /;'/1/11>0 (/I~ol'lll' "''' ,P ;,"1",; 1'(IIJa' /'II/' ,I(,}, h'NI tlrJ 1Nll"~/'/lJ '1"/ ,~IIII r,J 1) lIl.t;~y~l/ rrll~' '1";;:'1//'I,.,lrJ ,t 1:""""""" . , /.,/7,Tf,,,,NII lin '/': ""i/'l'J;)r.J;VllJlI'J,' 1>1'.1 rt-r,"IIr,;,d.IIJ l~":7J/~/I'/U "r;'~11 I'rul;::,." ';JOII"",. 1"'" ,{,,,' ;;; ",1"'4/UN!N / j""'t"),.{flJI'i/''''''' ",,,uII,"I;' ;;",';'p""lrJ "nlt;"'u//oN' (011,' 1:/'''' (,'~'IIIII'"' . "),;//r" rhN ~-;''1I.J, u~/trH)rJ I'ISI lunuUl'" ./111"",' !/II";J/~' I'P~~"'I/t/ ,/vii/MU' II,,;/h,,fi.."J / / / I , , . H' '-vI' frJ ),1'''''. ill", ~"'II/I#lu I#,}"J 1/111'" ~~/1'9 1d,,,ln, ,~"r"II' Irl/' 1";lt NI,hIlJiJ~"'irmrN0~"4 ~~"IJ 1''''Ir;.//'~,II III ,VI/ ,./1"" /aIlJ U'l'rr~ £'~NeU"/;I'l""r."~"~11 ,luiVII' '1"'/~/;~'iI Ia;"~ ~/~ /,f,.,,,,,u,J9'...urr_, /JIIII;'/tl/ ,~_ H" J_,_')u ~e"/'~'r,("f'" did . ~/I A_"" /v,Il""1 0' rA,u/',,, r"~r"1'71*-'" r/~IIU" 'd:"jNJt'1I rl,,,ulI,,rr f'"/'''ri/'1'"JM'.''' -,.j • ~~"'IIJ.llil If I,,,d rrlV/l" ~'I "IIIUJ,j,KIII nh "lr~foI7I'N"n/ lilll;')n/ '1'':,/'" {" (i//l " I; {;'1111';/" .1'7,,1J ::>.1 .U!.J '/'"/~y .1'_111111>'-7/t;';H'v Ja ·;I?;'./,' .0 )#mo r ,>IIIIIIN')/O""J 'I'".I/~"':.; ;/,"'rr.,,,~ NU7'/ ,,,,,,;f,',- ,"'tiJ /'~~N "';r' (,/110) In),£} 'il:",I,i: "';"II""llfl';~ , , I "Ii'~ ,1111 IP/II" "'It' ,r',,:",ill_rt'.I/HII. r, , t ''1''7'' II II"~ 1.,'''....· rI;" /,ra I .'1"It' ",I,rllltil 1/,/'''' ",,,1/), N, , '",,'"'''' . ; ,- /nl';'" rl .• '/'~"I,J First page of Charles de Raymond's denombrement de tous les postes du Canada, 1754. Reproduced with permission of the Archives de Saint-Sulpice, Paris; from manuscrit 1200, piece 35 of the collection "Pieces pour I'histoire militaire du Canada 17301760 ." Annotated Translation if Le denombrement de tous les postes du Canada 51 POSTS OF THE NORTH 1. Themiskamingues [Temiscamingues; Temiscaming];3 no commandant is assigned there. 2. Michilimaquinac [Michilimakinac; Missilimakinak, etc.; Michilimackinac; Mackinaw City, Michigan] 3. La Baye...


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