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Contents Foreword, by W. Jeffrey Baker, MD xi Preface to the Second Edition xv Preface to the First Edition: Journeys in a Dark Wood xix Introduction, by Michael R. Bishop, MD xxv UV part i Living with Lymphoma 1 CHAPTER 1 What Is Lymphoma? 3 CHAPTER 2 Symptoms and Diagnosis 15 UV part ii Treating Lymphoma 61 CHAPTER 3 Chemotherapy 69 CHAPTER 4 Radiation Therapy and Surgery 136 CHAPTER 5 Monoclonal Antibodies and Other Magic Bullet Therapies 151 CHAPTER 6 Stem Cell Transplants 181 CHAPTER 7 Unconventional Therapies 209 CHAPTER 8 Survivorship 247 U x Contents UV part iii Understanding Lymphoma 261 CHAPTER 9 Basic Cell Biology and Cancer 263 CHAPTER 10 The Immune System 280 CHAPTER 11 Lymphoma Classification and Staging 314 CHAPTER 12 Possible Causes of Lymphoma 368 Afterword 393 Acknowledgments 395 Glossary 397 Index 425 ...


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