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440 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 441 T here are many kind, generous, and wonderful friends to thank for making this incredible lifelong dream of mine to forever preserve in a book some important Detroit music history. I think it is only proper to thank my beloved late grandmother, who raised me, for giving me my first Elvis Presley album at age four. Grandma continued to nurture me on the Ink Spots, Sophie Tucker, and Pearl Bailey in my early elementary school years, and she later weaned me on Dion’s “Ruby Baby,” which was the first 45 rpm record I ever bought with my own pennies at S. S. Kresge’s. So, Grandma—this is for you with love for a great education, childhood, and life from your grateful grandson. “When I get to heaven, gonna look for grandma’s hand.” Thanks to my pals and longtime heroes (“I’m not worthy!”) who stood by me for a couple of years in the making of this book: Dave Marsh and Peter Benjaminson, who led me to my hero Greil Marcus, who then led me to the supportive and kind John Morthland,who granted me safe passage into Lester Bangs’s archives. Of course, I am always indebted to my good friend Ben Edmonds as well as the great music journalists and Detroit music scholars Susan Whitall, Jaan Uhelszki, Bill Holdship, Gary Graff, John Sinclair, Jim Gallert, Lars Bjorn, Michael Hurtt, S. R. Boland, Brian Smith, Larry Gabriel, W. Kim Heron, Hobey Echlin, Herb Jordan, Howard Dewitt, Brian McCollum, Pat Thomas, Marsha Music, Chris Morton, and Gary Carner. Thanks to the many young up-and-coming music journalists Matt Deapo, Daniel Jones, my cool son Shane M. Liebler, and Mike Dutkewych, and to my good poetry and musician friends who, upon my request, became first-rate music essayists: Bill Harris, Melba Joyce Boyd,Rev.Robert Jones,Scott Morgan,Aaron Anderson, Cary Loren, Diane Spodarek, John Rodwan, Jr., Matthew Smith, George Moseman (a.k.a. Moseley the Punk), Willy Wilson, Ben Blackwell, Jarrett Koral, Danny Kroha, Rhonda Welsh,Thomas Trimble, and Dr. Herman Daldin. A special musical shout-out to the folks who taught me more than any school ever could, my beloved heroes and Air Aces for eternity: Dave Dixon,Jerry Lubin,Dan Carlisle,Dennis Frawley (I still keep my WABX decoder ring under my pillow just in case . . .), and of course sweet Judy Adams— Morphogenesis lives!!! The cherry on the top of this musical delight is Detroit Eminent Artist for 2016 Leni Sinclair, who kindly allowed us to use her photos.Thank you my dearest for capturing all the magical, musical moments of our lives in your expert lens. Thank you Kathy Wildfong, my wise editor, longtime friend, and wonderful consultant. I am also grateful to editorial, design, and production manager Kristin Harpster, great book designer Bryce Schimanski, and my ace publicist team, Emily Nowak, Jamie Jones, and Kristina Stonehill. Thanks also to Jane Ferreyra and the lovely Annie Martin for just being there for me. And to Anthony Ringuette for all his excellent assistance. I must also thank greatly my student,friend,and Beatles and Detroit Music brother Eddie Baranek who helped me much in compiling the permissions and gathering these essays from some of the authors. I am honored to have such a good friend and a trustworthy assistant. Thanks and gratitude to my wonderful WSU English Department intern Kendyl J. Layne, and my student assistant Aaron James Proudfoot for helping greatly with the Further Reading List and the authors’ bios. You 442 acknowledgmenTs three helped make this process run smoothly and on time.Thank you! I must thank my colleagues Dr. Caroline Maun, Dr. Gloria Heppner, Ms. Sarah James, and Dr. Ellen Barton, former chair of the English Department, for supporting and helping me apply for the President’s Research Enhancement Program Arts & Humanities Grant for 2014–2015.This grant was a great aid to supporting this project and my forthcoming memoir, Hound Dog: A Poet’s Life of Rock, Revolution, and Redemption. I want to thank my longtime friend and colleague Dr. Walter Edwards, director of the Humanities Center, for allowing me to once again be a 2015–2016 Resident Scholar at the WSU Humanities Center. Finally, my wife, Pam Liebler, who gets special love for just putting up with all of my insane projects, extensive global travels, and a poetry life since we were very young teens at Lake Shore High School in our beloved St.Clair Shores...


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