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xiii Collaboration rests at the heart of historical scholarship. This being the case, I would like to thank many people and institutions for their support in making this project possible. First and foremost, I owe a debt of gratitude to Bill Rowley, my doctoral adviser at the University of Nevada, who oversaw this project as a dissertation and subsequently helped transform it into the book in your hands. Bill asked compelling questions, assisted in editing at all stages, and helped me to find research funding. I cannot thank him enough for his generosity and good humor. Fortheirguidanceduringgraduateschool(bothatNevadaandatPortland State University), I would like to thank Alicia Barber, Katy Barber, Mike Branch, Scott Casper, Linda Curcio-Nagy, Martha Hildreth, David Johnson, Bill Lang, Elizabeth Raymond, Patricia Schechter, Hugh Shapiro, Scott Slovic, Tom Smith, Paul Starrs, and Barbara Walker. My appreciation also stems to my interdisciplinary graduate school cohort, including Jim Bishop, Paul Boone, Kyhl Lyndgaard, Andrew McGregor, Nick Plunkey, and Ryan Powell. Additionally, I was very lucky to enjoy the friendship of Lawrence Hatter, Meredith Oda, Ned Schoolman, and Erica Westhoff during my graduate studies. At New Mexico State University, where I joined the history department in the fall of 2012, my colleagues have been incredibly supportive. I would like to thank Jamie Bronstein, Nathan Brooks, Bill Eamon, Iñigo García-Bryce, Ken Hammond, Liz Horodowich, Jon Hunner, Margaret Malamud, Elvira Masson, Andrea Orzoff, Dwight Pitcaithley, and Isa Seong Leong Quintana. A variety of research grants from the University of Nevada and New Mexico State University allowed me to complete my research, and I have been grateful for those opportunities. acknowledgments xiv • acknowledgments Throughout my research, many scholars, librarians, and archivists helped immensely. Larry Landis and Tiah Edmunson-Morton of Oregon State University, Pat Ragains of the University of Nevada, Geoff Wexler of the Oregon Historical Society, Greg Shine and Doug Wilson of the Fort Vancouver National Historical Site, Dennis Larson of the Ezra Meeker Historical Association, Mary Gallagher of the Benton County Historical Society, Patrick Harris of the Old Aurora Colony, Anne Barrett of Imperial College London, and Peggy Smith of the Independence Heritage Museum all went out of their ways to provide access to resources. Along with these individuals, I would like to thank the librarians and archivists who assisted me at the Lane County Historical Society, Marion County Historical Society, Multnomah County Library, New Mexico State University, Polk County Historical Society, Portland State University, University of Kent, University of Oregon, and University of Washington. I also could not have completed this book without guidance from members of the scientific community . I am in tremendous debt to Al Haunold and Peter Darby for spending days with me talking about hops. John Henning, Kim Hummer, and Jim Oliphant also offered valuable assistance. Thanks to all of you. In the hop-growing and craft-beer crowd I would first like to thank Michelle Palacios and Nancy Frketich of the Oregon Hop Commission, who assisted with research and introduced me to the Willamette Valley’s hop farmers. For helping me to understand their farms, operations, and family histories, I would like to offer my appreciation to the Annen, Coleman, Goschie, and Weathers families, all of whose hop stories run deep. The same goes for the craft-brewing community who offered me their time and, yes, good beer. Christian Ettinger, Jamie Floyd, the late Jack Joyce, Art Larrance, and Karl Ockert were all particularly generous. Tim Hills and John Foyston also offered a wealth of knowledge on regional brewing history. Thank you. Beyond research, many people assisted with writing and editing. Matt Becker and Marianne Keddington-Lang helped guide the transition from dissertation to book. Eliza Canty-Jones, Peter Darby, Bill Eamon, Sterling Evans, Mark Fiege, Lawrence Hatter, Tim Hills, Nancy Hoalst-Pullen, Joseph Kopp, Bill Lang, Mark Patterson, and Isa Seong Leong Quintana all looked at various chapters. Finally, Gayle Goschie, Al Haunold, Stan Hieronymus,SarahRoberts,BillRowley,MichaelTomlan,andJerryWallace went out of their way to read every word of my initial manuscript. I cannot thank you all enough. At the University of California Press, I would like to acknowledgments • xv thank my editor Kate Marshall, along with Zuha Kahn, Carl Walesa, Victoria Baker, and two peer reviewers who offered important feedback. My excellent graduate students Ben Craske and Derek Travis also helped tremendously with research and fact-checking. Thank you. These acknowledgments would be incomplete if I did not offer a deep appreciation for my family. My wife, Sarah, has offered...


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