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259 note: Timings in all four tables are from the 2010 Criterion Collection DVD Days of Heaven (1978). TABLES 1 AND 2 Sonic and visual references to the prairie winds, common throughout Days of Heaven, are employed by Malick to signal change or even danger related to the unfolding narrative. Table 1 accounts for the wind that drives the propeller-generator that sits atop the Farmer’s house. The device is photographed variously, both at a distance and in tight close-up, the latter at fraught moments as if underscoring the trope of impermanence ubiquitous to the film. At other times, the spinning propeller is heard but not seen, a more subtle acousmatic reminder of the nature/culture dialectic that organizes the lives of the principal characters. Table 2 catalogues all references (visual and/or audible) to wind except those listed in Table 1, some of which simply reflect the fact that perfect stillness on the prairie is rare. More to the point, however, Malick repeatedly makes self-reflexive use of the visual and/or audible effects of wind in both close, medium, and long shots of his characters and the outdoor setting (waving grasses and grains, ripples on water, a fluttering scarecrow, etc.). The chapter discussion highlights the most significant references of this sort that are listed below. APPENDIX Chapter 5 Tables 260 • A P P E N D I X TABLE 1. WIND CHARGER Time Scene Visual reference Audible reference 7:19–7:25 First close-up shot of house x x 7:38–7:41 Farmer eats apple by house x 27:20–27:37 Bill and Abby near house x x 33:09–33:28 Farmer services wind charger; Abby walks toward outbuildings; shot of house x x 44:33–44:42 Wind charger close-up at night, followed by cut to black x x 44:43–45:08 Bill wakes Abby; they leave house; shots of gazebo, parasol, scarecrow, etc. x 54:17–54:35 Farmer and Bill plucking pheasants; arrival of flying circus x x 1:06:12–1:07:15 Farmer by wind charger watches Bill and Abby embrace x x 1:16:08–1:16:12 Farmer ties Abby to porch post x TABLE 2. WIND (principal references only; approximate timings) note: Scenes tabulated in table 1 often connect directly to visual and/or audible reference to the wind charger atop the farmhouse as well. Time Scene Visual reference Audible reference 4:57–7:19 on train; arrival at farm x x 7:59–8:31 Bill in wheat field x x 9:20–9:38 first locust; immigrant reading x x 9:58–10:09 scarecrow; waving flags x 11:51–12:08 cutting oats; animals flee x 12:15–12:36 Farmer sees Abby; lunch break x 13:31–13:49 Bill fights x 14:14–14:41 cutting oats, collecting bundles x 14:58–15:28 stacking bundles into shocks x 16:37–16:57 frolicking after work x 17:22–17:30 Bill by doctor’s wagon x 18:35–18:58 Abby meets Farmer x 19:17–19:54 early snow x x 19:55–20:07 ripe wheat close-up x 21:07–21:39 threshing tractors on move x 21:40–21:52 collecting bundles x 21:50–22:23 Farmer and accountant; spies on Abby x x C H A P T E R 5 T A B L E S • 261 Time Scene Visual reference Audible reference 23:07–23:14 steam tractors on the move x 23:39–25:11 Farmer on horse; later talks with Abby x 27:42–28:04 Bill and Linda talk x 28:15–28:57 Linda and young woman talk x x 28:58–29:26 Bill in close-up; men wrestle x 30:12–30:42 Bill and Abby on the prairie x 31:39–32:06 dance by bonfire x 33:29–33:42 Linda contemplates her future x x 34:46–35:00 foreman interrogates Linda x x 35:01–35:42 Bill and Abby as lovers; baseball x 38:51–40:00 wedding; trees rustling x x 40:28–40:32 locust on leaf, close-up, night x 40:32–41:04 honeymoon departure x 43:40–44:24 gazebo lunch; golfing x x 44:30–44:33 Farmer suspicious x 45:09–45:41 shots of gazebo, parasol, scarecrow, etc. x x 47:08–47:25 Farmer calls for Abby x...


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