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List of Illustrations • vii List of Musical Examples • xiii Acknowledgments • xv Introduction • 1 PART I. MODERNITY AND OPERA; NATURE AND REDEMPTION 1. The Civilizing Process: Music and the Aesthetics of Time-Space Relations in The Girl of the Golden West • 21 2. Opera, Aesthetic Violence, and the Imposition of Modernity: Fitzcarraldo • 56 PART II. VOICING SUBJECTIVITY EXCURSUS: OPERA, MONUMENTALITY, AND LOOKING AT LOOKING • 77 3. Caruso, Phonography, and Operatic Fidelities: Regimes of Musical Listening, 1904–1929 • 97 4. Aesthetic Meanderings of the Sonic Psyche: Three Operas, Two Notes, and One Ending at the Boundary of the Great Divide • 165 CONTENTS PART III. MODERNITY, NATURE, AND DYSTOPIA EXCURSUS: NATURAL BEAUTY / ART BEAUTY • 191 5. Sound, Subjectivity, and Death: Days of Heaven (promesse du bonheur) • 207 Conclusion: Acoustic Invocations of Crisis and Hope • 241 Appendix: Chapter 5 Tables • 259 Notes • 269 Bibliography • 323 Index • 339 ...


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