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Contents List of Illustrations ix Acknowledgments xi Introduction: Latin America and the Meanings of “Underdevelopment” in the United States 1 1 Latin America as Anachronism: The Cuban Campaign for Annexation and a Future Safe for Slavery, 1848–1856 23 2 Latin America as Nature: U.S. Travel Writing and the Invention of Tropical Underdevelopment 44 3 Latin America at War: The Yellow Press from Mulberry Street to Cuba 70 4 Latin America and Bohemia: Latinophilia and the Revitalization of U.S. Culture 109 5 Latin America, in Solidarity: Havana Reads the Harlem Renaissance 143 6 Latin America in Revolution: The Politics and Erotics of Latin American Insurgency 170 Coda: The Places of the “Third World” in Contemporary U.S. Culture 201 Notes 217 Bibliography 245 Index 271 ...


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