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Preface In The Graduate, Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) is told that the future can be summed up in one word: “Plastics”. I still recall that in roughly 1990, Judea Pearl told me (and anyone else who would listen!) that the future was in causality. I credit Judea with inspiring my interest in causality. We ended up writing a paper on actual causality that forms the basis of this book. I was fortunate to have other coauthors who helped me on my (still ongoing) journey to a deeper understanding of causality and related notions, particularly Hana Chockler, Chris Hitchcock, and Tobi Gerstenberg. Our joint work features prominently in this book as well. I thank Sander Beckers for extended email discussions on causality, Robert Maxton for his careful proofreading, and Chris Hitchcock, David Lagnado, Jonathan Livengood, Robert Maxton, and Laurie Paul, for their terrific comments on earlier drafts of the book. Of course, I am completely responsible for any errors that remain. My work on causality has been funded in part by the NSF, AFOSR, and ARO; an NSF grant for work on Causal Databases was particularly helpful. ix ...


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