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Religion and the Rise of Modern Culture Louis Dupré University of Notre Dame Press Notre Dame, Indiana Erasmus Institute Books RELIGION AND THE RISE OF MODERN CULTURE LOUIS DUPRÉ “Even the Enlightenment’s justly criticized position on religion has left a valuable legacy. Religious tolerance and, indispensable to it, separation between church and state, respect for the individual conscience, and rejection of political coercion, social pressure, and cultural prejudice—these have become nonnegotiable items of Western belief. The historical critique of biblical texts at last forced the Church to qualify its unconditional literalism. . . . The critique proved painful. . . . Yet it drove religion back to its spiritual home and prepared it for the even more severe attacks of the nineteenth-century scientists. . . . The Enlightenment has made us what we are today. How can we profit from its lessons while avoiding its excesses?” —from Chapter 3 “A stunning synthesis of Dupré’s magisterial intellectual history of modernity and his distinctive and important philosophy of religion.” DAVID TRACY, EMERITUS, THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO DIVINITY SCHOOL “Louis Dupré’s literate and sweeping review of the fate of religious faith in modern culture will help contemporary readers, who share his close yearning for ways in which ‘transcendence can be recognized again,’ to appreciate why many of us find a postmodern climate—for better or worse—more conducive to fulfilling that desire. His dramatic depictions of modernity teach us how different is the culture in which we now live.” DAVID BURRELL, C.S.C., HESBURGH PROFESSOR EMERITUS IN PHILOSOPHY AND THEOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME Religion and the Rise of Modern Culture describes and analyzes changing attitudes toward religion during three stages of modern European culture: the Renaissance, the Enlightenment , and the Romantic period. Louis Dupré is an expert guide to the complex historical and intellectual relation between religion and modern culture. Dupré’s elegant and incisive book, based on the Erasmus Lectures he delivered at the University of Notre Dame in 2005, will challenge anyone interested in religion and the philosophy of culture. LOUIS DUPRÉ IS T. LAWRASON RIGGS PROFESSOR EMERITUS IN RELIGIOUS STUDIES AT YALE UNIVERSITY. HE HAS PUBLISHED NUMEROUS BOOKS AND ARTICLES, INCLUDING THE OTHER DIMENSION AND TRANSCENDENT SELFHOOD. University of Notre Dame Press Notre Dame, IN 46556 ...


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