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Homesteading Space Outward Odyssey A People’s History of Spaceflight Series editor Colin Burgess © ¤¤[•by the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska All rights reserved Manufactured in the United States of America Photograph k[ used courtesy David Hitt. Photograph g¤ used courtesy Alan Bean. All other photographs used courtesy *:. d Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Hitt, David. Homesteading space : the Skylab story / David Hitt, Owen Garriott, and Joe Kerwin ; foreword by Homer Hickam. p. cm. — (Outward odyssey : a people’s history of spaceflight) Includes bibliographical references. #: *•u[n¤n[¤™ n k™kn“ (cloth : alk. paper) }† Skylab Program. . Manned space flight—United States— History— ¤th century.™. Outer space—Exploration— United States—History— ¤th century. #. Garriott, Owen K., }u™¤–• ##. Kerwin, Joe, }u™ –•• ###. Title. ='[u†[†B“:ggg• ¤¤[“ u†kg'k—dc¤¤[¤}u“[ Designed and set in Adobe Garamond and Futura by R. W. Boeche. Publication of this volume was assisted by the Virginia Faulkner Fund, established in memory of Virginia Faulkner, editor in chief of the University of Nebraska Press. In honor of the thousands of men and women down here who made possible what was accomplished up there. While it would be impossible to name individually in these pages the legions of people who contributed to the Skylab program, their dedication and hard work are truly appreciated. ...


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